Conference registration fee is uniformly collected by Tianjin University Forty-two Zhai Conference Service Co., Ltd., and an electronic invoice is issued. Conference registration fee: remittance payment is completed before July 11, official representative 1,700 yuan/person, student representative 1,400 yuan/person; After July 11, the official representative 1800 yuan/person, the student representative 1500 yuan/person; the accompanying family members 800 yuan/person.


Participants must remit to the following account via online bank before August 1, 2021 or scan the QR code below using Alipay to pay. When transferring the payment, please provide ICIM2021+ name” and send the copy of remittance slip or a screenshot of the successful payment and the conference registration fee invoice information to After the remittance is completed, the electronic invoice will be sent to your mailbox within 7 working days.

Recipient: Tianjin University Forty-two Zhai Conference Service Co., Ltd.

Taxpayer identification number: 91120104103417749U

Account Bank: Tianjin Nankai branch of China Construction Bank

Bank Account Number: 12001650461052500423

Contact Number: 27405300


Contact Address: Hubin Road, Weijin Road Campus, Tianjin University

Invoice Details of Conference Registration Fee.docx


1. For information such as the address/telephone/account opening bank and account number required for the invoice, please specify in the remarks.

2. The content of the invoice is Conference Registration Fee. Electronic invoices are equivalent to paper invoices, which are downloaded and printed by the receiver.

3. During the meeting, the board and lodging will be arranged uniformly, and the expenses will be borne by themselves.